About Rivertown Services NY


When you hire local, you're hiring professionals that your neighbors already trust.

Rivertown Services is a networking group of hardworking, local, dedicated professionals who seek to bring great customer service and satisfaction to all of our clients. We are your one-stop-shop for local services. Need a realtor? A mover? An electrician? How about a lawyer? We offer that and more.

Our core is to focus on keeping our business local and our clients happy. Though each Rivertown Service professional works in a different industry, most of our services can be used simultaneously or one after the other. For instance, if you're buying a new home, we suggest you call Eric Bernstein, a top realtor in Westchester. Before make the decision, you may need an inspection from True View Home Inspections. Before you move in, you may want new floors from Rubeo Flooring and Blinds or new siding from Giorgio Construction. You may even need a painter like Joe Cipollone or a security system installed from Scarsdale Security Systems. And that's just a few of our wonderful professionals. ‚Äč

The reason we all choose to work together is because we trust each other and the work each Rivertown Services professional provides. Recommendations from others in similar fields say so much and we can tell you that we each recommend the service and quality of each Rivertown Service professional.